Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is logic the basis of good thinking? What's your perception?

I came across a blog article yesterday by Seth Godin titled
Not so good at math. A simple quiz for smart marketers

Seth sums up the article by saying, “We're not wired for arithmetic. It confuses us, stresses us out and, more often than not, is used to deceive.”

Looking at this I couldn’t help thinking that while you can solve the problem with logic, it’s a whole lot easier to solve using perception – that is, how you look at it and how you see it.

I believe that most faults in thinking are not faults in logic but faults in perception. This applies equally in business and in marketing. It’s perception – seeing things differently – that leads to quite often simple solutions.

Using perception as the basis for thinking allows us to be more proactive in our thinking.
So looking at Seth’s simple quiz in this way, it really is simple. With the right way of seeing, the math is clear and logical.

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