Tim Jones

Tim personifies sustainable development. Through his passion for ongoing learning, and the business branding initiatives he develops for his clients at Jones Davis BBN, he literally practises what he preaches.

In a career spanning 30 years, and working across both strategic and creative disciplines, Tim has built and refined a range of skills that assists businesses in achieving their potential, and brands in maximising their performance.

He understands complex business structures, and the environments in which they operate. He understands both the strategic and emotive dimensions of the business brand. And he understands the value of integrating brand and business to a point where branding is at the heart of managing the whole business.

Tim has developed a strong relationship with the University of Technology Sydney, with Jones Davis BBN running one of the leading graduate programs - a four year structured international program for graduates across creative and strategic thinking.

Christine Winter

Christine has over 30 years of management and executive experience in education and training, financial services, software and web services. She has BA in geomorphology, a Diploma of Business Studies, Masters-level Marketing paper and is now studying for a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics.

She has held a range of executive and general management positions in small- to medium-sized businesses and multinational organisations, with responsibility for sales and client relationship management, corporate affairs, training and presentation programmes, marketing and design, and general management.

Since 2008 Christine has pursued her passion for ethical business practice, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In 2009 she embarked on a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics at the Australian National University.

This formal study underpins and enhances her conviction that to be truly successful, a company must have at its core a strong moral commitment to its stakeholders at every level: shareholders, staff, clients, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.